RedScout’s Top-Tier Office Space

“San Francisco-based branding agency Redscout works with top-tier clients like Kate Spade, Gatorade, Domino’s, and Del Monte to create new products, enhance development, and design company branding. Redscout paired up with Aidlin Darling Design to build a studio that provides designers and strategists with comfort and creativity. Long communal workstations, bright abstract wall art, and beautiful brick and wood accents provide a fantastic flexible work environment with a start-up vibe.

“The expansive floorplan features natural brick and wood accents that create the perfect environment for colorful projects, collaborative brainstorming, and relaxing rejuvenation.”

“Custom workstation modules boast a continuous worktable and pivoting pin-up doors, providing flexible spaces for working individually and in groups.”

“Workspaces are situated side by side to foster collaboration. They are accessorized with bulletin boards for employees to keep track of epiphanies and display personal décor.”

Source: Workstations Wake Up SF Branding Agency

Phone: 650-685-8150
329 Primrose Road, #7177
Burlingame, CA 94010