Planning for Roof Replacement

“No one wants to invest in a new roof when it’s not needed, but nobody wants to deal with catastrophic roof failure, either. When maintenance efforts fail to keep pace with leaks and the roof approaches the end of the warranty period, it’s probably time to consider roof replacement. Left untended, roof leaks can damage other building systems, including exterior walls, structural systems, and equipment, as well as interior fixtures and finishes. Leaks can also affect the comfort and health of building occupants.

When planning for replacement, it is important to research available options and discuss the pros and cons of different systems with a design professional experienced in roof rehabilitation. Points to consider include roof types and systems, up-front and long-term costs, ease of installation, durability and expected lifespan, and maintenance requirements. Other factors to take into consideration may include downtime during the reroofing project, odors and inconvenience to occupants, energy cost savings that might be realized from the new system, and the accessibility of roof areas to maintenance personnel.

Don’t be tempted to forgo roof investigation and hire a contractor to re-install the same system — or one that is most familiar to or profitable for the installer. A professional investigation aids in establishing code compliance and compatibility of roof systems under consideration with the existing structure.”

Source: Plan For Roof Replacement To Avoid Catastrophic Failure

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