Office Bus?

We’ve heard of ships being converted into incubator space.¬† But what about buses?

Frank Buttita wanted to design a cabin in his grandfather’s property.

“Butitta and his friends had camped there over the years, and he’d always wanted to design a permanent cabin for the property. But building codes dictated that the minimum space he could build was 600 square feet, much larger than he could afford or even needed. It would also have required building permits and hookups for septic and electrical. “We wanted a simple, off-the-grid microcabin,” Butitta says.

So he bought the bus for $3,000 and spent 15 weeks, and $6,000, gutting and remodeling it into a cabin on wheels.”

Now, check out the space: “Now the space comfortably sleeps six and is broken up into different modules. The bedroom space is up front directly behind the driver’s cabin (seen at the far end of the bus here). There’s also a bathroom, a kitchen with a foot-pump sink and various workstations.”

Anything’s possible, right?

Source: Buckle Up for a Modern Mobile Cabin in a Bus


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