Not Just a CoffeeShop

I was in San Luis Obispo this week & decided to check-out Kreuzberg.  I was looking for a coffee shop that serves healthier, quick options for breakfast & of course a place to hang-out & do some work even though I’m technically on vacation.  (When I’m in the US, a vacation means “try hard not to bring your laptop so you’re not tempted to check email”.  But then I have a smartphone.)  Kreuzberg, what can I say?  So funky, great vibe but most of all, I just love the overall feel of the space & it’s design.  Luckily, they’re in a town where real estate is more than likely not as insane as SF.  The two owners, Chris & James were savvy enough to capture the European vibe of the real “Kreuzberg” it was fashioned after.  Eclectic furnishings.  Great graphics.  Interesting light fixtures.   Yummy chai.   And awesome gluten-free bread.  Check-out Kreuzberg of SLO.

IMG_3190            IMG_3197            IMG_3201

Phone: 650-685-8150
329 Primrose Road, #7177
Burlingame, CA 94010