Lighting Retrofits

“Lighting is still the low hanging fruit of energy savings. All four key components of a lighting system — lamps and light sources, luminaires, ballasts, and controls — are rapidly improving technologies that managers and their technicians can use to prevent energy waste related to lighting. Most facilities still have old, outdated lighting systems, but even a well-maintained lighting system offers great opportunities for upgrades that save energy and money.

The scope and type of the lighting retrofit project should drive the decision on whom to use for professional advice, which can come from electrical contractors, energy-service companies, electrical distributors, lighting engineers, lighting designers, and interior designers.

Along with energy efficiency and costs, managers planning retrofits also need to take into account lighting quality, which has great impact on safety and productivity. As it relates to visual tasks, quality includes:

  • Color, which describes the warmth of light as measured on the Kelvin (K) temperature scale and the appearance of different colors as measured by the color rendering index (CRI). Go to for a detailed explanation of the Kelvin temperature scale and CRI.
  • Glare from the light source or luminaire.
  • Uniform light distribution on the task.”

Source: Efficiency, Avoiding Mistakes Key to Lighting Retrofits

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