Ideas for Storage

There is never enough storage.  Some of us are pack rats.  Others have legitimate need for storage especially if you have a small office.  Here are some ideas for storage that can be mimicked with a few common shelving systems or free standing cabinets.

Open Shelving_Unified Containers


Design your shelving to go all the way up the ceiling & buy the same type of containers to go into each shelf.  Make sure to label your containers so you know what’s inside your boxes.

Mini Library

Do you have books to share?  How about creating a mini library?  Tuck this library in an unused nook.

Buffet     Kitchen Cabinets     Wall Storage

Make use of your wall.  Whether you opt for a combination of closed/open storage or a wall cabinet, adding storage on your wall space is a great solution.

Source: 10 Ways to Get More Storage Out of Your Space

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