How About a Photo Wall?

So you’ve repainted your walls.  Now you have a huge swath of beige & your office space looks sterile.  How about putting up a photo wall?  The photo wall samples below shows installation in a home but can be applied in an office environment.  Think of a theme & create a gallery/collection of photos taken by your staff or some other art work.  Deciding on what photos & the style is another matter but check-out some ideas on how to lay them out:

Picture Wall 1

   Picture Wall 2 “black and white (family) photos framed in the same scale and grid pattern as the nearby windows make a big architectural statement.”

Picture Wall 3 “display a large number of photos in an asymmetrical display by lining a stair wall in metal, which allows the photos to be attached by magnets.”

Picture Wall 4 “use frames of the same color and size, she says it’s not the only option. “You can certainly hang a collection of vintage frames,” she says. “But I think it looks best if they are all the same distance apart.””

Picture Wall 6

Source: How to Design a Family Photo Wall

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