Green Home Design

“The best way to design a green home is to make the most of the space around you. This includes using natural light and environmentally friendly materials. Your home can run on the beauty and wonder of nature with a minimal carbon footprint.”

  • Use earth-friendly roofing material, like recycled aluminum. This type of roofing option is durable and heat-resistant.
  • Look for foam core structural fittings and insulated panels. Quality wood will last longer.
  • Install resilient bamboo flooring throughout the home. It’s a fast growing grass that helps the environment. It’s made to withstand staining, termites, and water damage.
  • Keep cooled or heated air from escaping when you use double paned energy-efficient windows that feature a certified energy star rating for better insulation.
  • For better heating and air-conditioning, mount solar panels on your home. This helps to both enhance the value of your home and also reduce your monthly electric bill.
  • Use rainwater barrels and a tankless water heater. This again will help you save a significant amount of money every month.
  • A natural gas fireplace is also better for the environment than burning wood.”

Source: Tips for Designing a Green Home

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