Google’s Expanding SF Facilities

“On the business side, a product might take just a week to bring to market, and suddenly there are 1,000 engineers around the world working on it. But if Google wants to lease 1 million square feet in a major city like New York, London or San Francisco, it generally takes a year or two to execute the deal. And that’s assuming Google can find that much space, which in a city like San Francisco, it probably can’t.

The 80,000-square-foot project spreads over two floors, with large floor plates centered on a huge glass atrium. Google asked the project team to design a space that maximizes work engagement. To this end, Rapt planned the floor to be most social (and loudest) around the atrium, becoming gradually quieter toward the perimeter windows, where all heads down workstations are located within an open office layout.

The project is designed to be as resourceful as possible, with the aim of diverting materials away from landfill. The team repurposed all 109 doors from previous tenant space to be wall panels that are used as marker boards along the social spaces. This sustainable theme also sees full-height glazing become marker boards within conference rooms; existing cabinet doors are reused as screens at open office areas. Perhaps most visually strikingly, leftover blue CAT-5 cables find a new role sculptural screens at the coffee bar. A total of 9 tons of repurposed materials were incorporated in the space.”

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