Fire Alarm Systems Upgrade

“Issues that can force fire alarm system upgrades can include product obsolescence, manufacturer discontinuation of product, and incompatibility with newer product lines…Ultimately, the time to find out that the fire alarm systems you are maintaining require upgrade is prior to developing the budgets of future expansions rather than in the middle of a project when the added cost is difficult to manage. Master planning or a general asset evaluation of life safety equipment can ultimately head off surprises. Advance planning can make continued maintenance and expansion of life safety systems significantly less expensive and can typically spread costs over a period of years.

Depending on the size of the project, the most common impact on fire alarm systems consists of the replacement of notification appliances and replacing or upgrading the existing detection. If a space has to be brought up to current code, it may require significant upgrades in notification and detection. Current standards designed to make facilities safer for hearing- and visually-impaired occupants can necessitate the installation of strobes and horns or speakers at much more frequent intervals than previous codes.”

Source: How Facility Expansions Affect Fire Alarm Systems

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