Fabrica’s Habitat

“the right spaces encourage the right kind of productivity. And for a communications firm that’s trying to get a handle on the Internet of Things, making their workspace a “hackable habitat”–one that promotes serendipity, encourages collaboration, and cooperates with the gorgeous architecture already present. And it’s not that every room needs to be staggeringly connected: just as music needs quiet, digital pursuits need analog places.

In this way, Hill argues, environment informs process:

(The space) not only enables, supports and provides the tools for one kind of work over another, but it also suggests, projects and cajoles possible trajectories for that work, for the team. If we start using the building as a platform we help figure out what ‘building as a platform’ might really mean.


The lesson: when you’re building something awesome, it doesn’t hurt to make your surroundings awesome.”

Source: Lessons In Creative Workspaces From A Startup In An Italian Villa

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