Sound, Light & Room Temperature for Amped Creativity

Do you want to amp those creative juices?  It turns out that ambient noise is the key to encourage those creative juice to flow.  It’s not loud rock music nor silence.  It turns out that those moderate noises promote abstract processing which leads to increased creativity.  Just as we struggle to do certain things, we think

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Holding Office in a Car

As we push to be uber-productive, what do you think of a self-driving office? Regus, the same company that operates close to 2,000 business centers globally, presented an autonomous concept self-driving car called XchangeE, one where the two fronts seats swivel backwards to create a meeting space for four people. “In addition to the swiveling

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Touchless Restrooms

At the Virgin America terminal at SFO, I always marvel at the design of the restroom.  Make a note the next time you’re in the terminal.  The restroom doesn’t have the traditional doors which could be a primary source of germs.  Instead it has somewhat of curved entryway to afford privacy & a huge signage

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