Easy-Care Houseplants

I’m often asked, “what do you recommend for “low-maintenance” aka a plant that needs to be totally dry for the next watering?    Check-out the various options including the very “hip” succulents.      Snake Plants  Madagascar Dragon Tree      Cast-Iron Plant          Christmas cactus          Moth Orchid      

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SFO’s Terminal 3, Boarding Area E

$138M, 60,000 sq ft., Gensler-designed Terminal 3 aka United Airlines terminal.  Flying out of SFO via Virgin America is fun because of Terminal 2’s interior renovation demonstrating modern, clean lines & well thought-out design marked with lots of working areas in the waiting area, free WIFI & plenty of electrical outlets.  Now, it’s Terminal 3’s turn...

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Seriously Thinking of Your Home Water Usage

So you think you’re doing your best effort in saving water at home?  Here are some tips that you might have missed: 1. How about switching your old toilet with low-flush or better yet a dual-flush toilet which “uses less than 1.3 gallons per flush for solid waste & less than .8 gallon per flush

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Don’t Eat The Paint! :)

Ever wonder what type of painting technique is that on the wall that looks rustic, distressed, “earthy”?  Similar to a lot of European façades, milk painting is now being sold by award-winning, San Mateo goat cheese producer, Harley Farms.  They recently launched their very own line called Harley Farm Farmpaint.  This “finger-lickin” non-toxic paint can

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