Height Adjustable Whiteboard Surface

Two very popular office furniture options: an adjustable desk & whiteboards! The UpWrite The UpWrite Height Adjustable Desk has literally combined their height adjustable desk with a whiteboard to create a brand new desk experience that you can write on. While the graphics mention that the desk can be used for brainstorming, collaboration, and notes

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Green Roofs for an Even More Scenic San Francisco

Just imagine flying over San Francisco & you see green roofs everywhere?  Green what?  Just imagine your office roof with “wildflowers, vines and meadow plants such as California honeysuckle, bluff lettuce, Idaho fescue and white yarrow” like the “new 14,000-square-foot green roof at 50 U.N. Plaza.” Not only do “the roofs would function as a

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Office Bus?

We’ve heard of ships being converted into incubator space.  But what about buses? Frank Buttita wanted to design a cabin in his grandfather’s property. “Butitta and his friends had camped there over the years, and he’d always wanted to design a permanent cabin for the property. But building codes dictated that the minimum space he

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Redwood City’s Revival

Redwood City has a dynamic group of community leaders ready to take their city to the next level.  Their timing couldn’t be more perfect since the area is experiencing better economic climate.  New housing is being planned in tandem to accommodate the city’s speculative growth. “So far, the city has an approved environmental impact statement

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Promoting Office Creativity

“At Kabbage, the open seating environment gives all employees the ability to converse. The company also serves lunch every day so employees can eat together. “That always spawns good creativity and great ideas,” Frohwein said. “We also have all the requisite games — pinball, arcade games and Nerf guns — around the office and that

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Office and Apartment Building Growth in the Bay Area

“The San Francisco and San Jose metropolitan statistical areas are among the regions nationwide that “have the jobs of the future that are growing, and so that’s where we want to ride our horse,” said Ed Del Beccaro, a managing director for Transwestern, which has been expanding its locations as well as service lines from

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