Ideas for your Home Office

“From finding the right space and furniture to organizing ideas, ergonomics, personal style, dealing with distractions and more, let’s tackle that home office once and for all.” Check your ergonomics. Pay attention to how you feel after logging a few hours at your desk at home. If you have any pain or soreness, it’s time

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Planning for Roof Replacement

“No one wants to invest in a new roof when it’s not needed, but nobody wants to deal with catastrophic roof failure, either. When maintenance efforts fail to keep pace with leaks and the roof approaches the end of the warranty period, it’s probably time to consider roof replacement. Left untended, roof leaks can damage

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Trends on Flooring

What’s the trend in flooring? Linoleum: Carpet Tiles: Polished Concrete: “When contractors and end users looking at the overall lifetime cost of products, these three products help you out at the beginning because they’re green and they help you out over the lifecycle of the product because the maintenance is so much easier and cheaper.

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Green Roofs & Saving Energy

“We did do a pre- and post-electric bill (review), and we did have a 10 percent savings during the winter, due to the insulating properties of the roof because the (outside) temperatures aren’t able to bear down on the roof itself,” Swann says. “We also looked at it during the summer months, and we had

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