Impact of Ceilings

“A study by the Ceilings & Interior Systems Construction Association compared an area’s energy use with a suspended ceiling and an open plenum. Researchers found that installing a suspended ceiling saved between 9 and 17 percent of energy costs. In addition, many high performance acoustical ceilings “are also highly light reflective,” says Dawn Chittick, director...

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The New Exploratorium

Slated to open at it’s new location – Pier 15 on April 15, check-out The Exploratorium’s new 330,000 sq. ft space. Source: First look: San Francisco’s new $300M Exploratorium

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Fun Office Accessories

So many ideas to organize, work more efficiently as well as add some fun in your workplace.  Adjustable stands, stylus cap, stand props, Blackwing pencils, hanging metal folders, push pins, prints, planters…  So much to consider: Source: Mixed Business

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Still a Preference for Brick &Timber Space

“The burst of construction is being driven by a combination of rising rents and declining vacancy. Vacancy dropped to 9.5 percent in the first quarter, according to Cushman & Wakefield, the first time the rate has dipped below the 10 percent mark since the second quarter of 2008. The brokerage is projecting that vacancy will

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Entertaining & Hanging-out in the Kitchen

“If you could have one room to fill with luxury features in your home, would it be the kitchen, master bedroom, bathroom, living room or backyard? About 80 percent, or 20 out of the top 25 survey respondents on this Friday’s Residential Contractors list, said most homebuyers look to the kitchen first. The master bedroom

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Spike in SF Rents

“Rents in San Francisco were up 1.7 percent to $35.60 per square foot annually, while New York’s rose 1.6 percent to $49.63 per square foot.” Source: San Francisco leads in office rate growth

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More Sustainable Flooring Using Cork or Bamboo

“Bamboo is an Asian grass that matures in seven years, making its harvest very sustainable. After milling, drying and finishing, bamboo is harder than teak, But cork is Steele’s best-seller right now. “It is super-resilient, waterproof, and maintenance-free,” he explained. Most of the world’s cork comes from Portugal’s cork oak trees. Cork is the tree

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Zendesk at Mid-Market

“In 2011, Zendesk moved into a 42,000+ square foot office on mid-Market and took over multiple floors to support their growing business. The culture is very informal and relaxed, so the space needed to be something that reflects and enables the same.”     Source: Zendesk’s Calm Space Takeover at Mid-Market

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