Free Software for Bootstrapped Companies

“Starting a company on the cheap has never been easier, thanks to free software that lets you do everything from build a website to bill clients. Here are 10 must-haves for bootstrapped businesses.” 10 Free Tools for Running a Business

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Questions About LEDs?

“Keep in mind that an existing fixture designed for an incandescent lamp may not have adequate air circulation, may be unable to dissipate heat from an LED replacement lamp, or may be unable to properly support a heavy or large LED bulb. Make sure to compare equivalency in lumen output and CBCP for directional lamps

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Twitter’s New SF HQ

“It is gigantic. And it is going to be Twitter’s home for what is  probably going to be a long time. Located in San Francisco’s Mid-Market area, the office is 200,000 sqft, with the option of picking up an additional 200k if necessary – my bet is on yes.” Check Out Twitter’s New San Francisco

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Yipit’s NY Office

“Yipit’s office was designed to reflect and encourage the laidback vibe and community feel of many web-based startup companies. To encourage community and gathering, their lunch area takes advantage of a collection of lunch tables that encourage employees to share meals together – all on a floor of grass. The lunchroom can also be easily

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“The designers note that inspiration came “from the laboratory in Menlo Park, New Jersey where Thomas Edison invented the phonograph and the light bulb.  A prototype for the modern Research and Development facility, Edison’s workshop combined the stark infrastructures of nineteenth century science with traditional wooden construction and wood furniture of the period.” Using industrial...

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Shopping for a Portable Cooling Unit?

“Paulson recommends questions for managers to ask while shopping: Does the unit have auto restart in case of a power outage? What is the operating range? “If you have a server room, it is important the unit can cool down to 68 degrees,” Paulson says. “If it is for a hot, humid warehouse, it is

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Restroom Cleaning Costs

Some ideas to save on restroom cleaning costs. a. Install wall-mounted rather than floor-mounted fixtures & partitions which will reduce cleaning time required for restrooms. b. Provide an adequate cleaning facility such as a dedicated closet that includes a floor-mounted slop sink. c. Light colored countertops help hide stains from water better than dark colored

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Elevator Modernization

“Modernization is a major undertaking in an occupied building and should be planned carefully to minimize disruption of the daily activities of tenants. What’s more, the planning process is fraught with other complexities: determining the appropriate scope of equipment replacement or reconditioning, understanding the current code issues associated with modernization, preparing the...

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Pop-up Workplaces

“PSFK’s vision of the future pop-up workplace–modular work pods, attractive sound-absorbing booths, mobile workstations that roll around, and “pink noise” systems that block out nearby conversations–isn’t so different than many of today’s tech company workspaces. The pink noise system, for example, is an innovation developed by Autodesk. A design firm called Live...

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People-Focused Green Building

“Ko defines a green building a little differently than most people: It’s a building that isn’t just energy efficient, but people-focused as well. In a sense, that takes a building beyond just sustainability into the realm of resilience, where having connections to neighbors and the larger community is key. Comfort is also emphasized in the

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Pay Attention to those Energy Leaks

Some of us work from home.  And in keeping with saving energy, here are some tips. “Follow this to-do list to cut your heating bills, lower your carbon emissions—and save some greenbacks—whether you own or rent. Check the area around your furnace to make sure that nothing flammable is stored nearby. Make sure that your

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Less Office Space

“Switching to a telecommuting lifestyle can drop stress by up to 25%, lead to healthier eating habits, and increase work-life balance. And if that isn’t enough to convince your boss, here’s another angle: A study of Chinese call center employees found that telecommuters upped productivity by 13%.” A Visual Breakdown of the Benefits of Working

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