Political Will for Solar

“So why isn’t there more of a push for this clean, affordable, safe and inexhaustible source of electricity? First, the investor-owned utilities that depend on the existing system for their profits have little economic interest in promoting a technology that empowers customers to generate their own power. Second, state regulatory agencies and local governments impose

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SF CRE Still a Bargain?

“If these deals all get done, the number of blocks of space over 30,000 square feet will be down to 55, reduced from about 90 in the spring of 2011, according to JLL. Amid all the talk of San Francisco’s competitive advantages compared with the suburbs to the south — transportation, culture, nightlife, recruiting —

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Living Buildings

““Living buildings” must generate all of their own power without using combustion of any kind. All wastewater must be treated and purified on site before it is reused or released into the environment. Buildings can continue to receive municipal water so long as they replenish that amount annually through recycling or rainwater harvesting. Construction materials

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SF Tech Leases

“San Francisco is on pace to log 1.3 million square feet of positive absorption for the year — a far cry from the 2.1 million square feet of 2011, but still one of the strongest performances in the United States. Average city-wide full-service office rents jumped by approximately 25 percent in 2012 to $48 a

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San Leandro’s Zero Net Energy Center

“The building, at 14600 Catalina St., will eventually house training services for International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 595, which includes electricians in Alameda, San Joaquin and Calaveras counties. The union will use the space to train journey level electricians, apprentices and contractors in the most current sustainability practices. About 70 percent of the building...

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Real Estate is Still a Risky Business

“Spriggs presented data that showed the number of jobs in San Francisco has outpaced housing development in recent years, further emphasizing Erickson’s view. She also said renting is cheaper than buying in the Bay Area, which isn’t the case in other markets, like New York City. McNellis said that economic conditions in China and Europe

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Standing or Treadmill Desks: Other Options than Sitting

“The research comes more from observing the health results of people’s behavior than from discovering the biological and genetic triggers that may be associated with extended sitting. Still, scientists have determined that after an hour or more of sitting, the production of enzymes that burn fat in the body declines by as much as 90

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