On a Business Trip

Some of us are creatures of habit.  And some of us can just get up & go without looking back.  Traveling can be stressful especially when it involves a flight & you have to pack everything in a carry-on, be at the airport at least 2 hours in advance, go thru security & then deal

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The College Dorm You Wished You Lived In

“In the U.S., universities are quickly figuring out that they must add amenities to attract students–they’re featuring everything from climbing walls to sustainable improvements–but Tietgenkollegiet offers an impressive combination of energy efficiency and community building.” Maybe a good benchmark for housing as well. The College Dorm You Wished You Lived In

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The Klutz Idea Factory is as Playful as their Books

“While designing the space, Klutz wanted to make sure employees from its major departments—Art, Administrative, Purchasing and Sales—didn’t sequester themselves in separate corners of the building. The building is organized around a multicolored street, which leads to a central piazza. Copiers, fax machines and bulletin boards line the street, encouraging employees to gather in a

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