Green Home Improvement

Some easy to update fixes for a more “green” home: • A $50 programmable thermostat that can save hundreds of dollars over a year’s time • A $3 faucet aerator that can save almost 1,000 gallons of water a year • A $15 paint additive that helps insulate your walls • A zero-cost measure that

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UC Berkeley’s Energy Biosciences Institute

“The 113,000-square-feet building at at 2151 Berkeley Way will feature modern facilities for scientific research, study and collaboration focusing on turning non-food crops into fuels. The structure, designed by SmithGroupJJR and built by Rudolph and Sletten, also comes with a myriad of green elements such as automated “smart” outside window shades, a lighting control system

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Indoor Environment Concerns

Some of us work form home.  It is very important that we’re aware of the materials & products that we use.  Some of the tips presented are also relevant in an office environment: 1. Carpeting: “And that new-carpet smell? That odor comes from the volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) emitted by standard carpeting.” 2. Granite Countertops:

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Visit Zynga’s Playful Office

“The office design is bright and open, encouraging employees to socialize and create a tight-knit office community. Quiet cubicles are out and communal workspaces are in. If you need to concentrate, there are always noise-canceling headphones!” Tour Zynga’s Virtual Reality-Themed Office

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Tour Facebook’s Menlo Park HQ

“The roof will be a community park with open fields, walking trails, and rolling hills and the entire campus will connect with the current Facebook campus via an underground tunnel below Highway 101. We can’t wait to see Ghery’s final product, but with Facebook West’s completion date set for 2015 we still have a few years

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