Eventbrite’s Cool Space

Walls were knocked out for an open-space concept.  Lots of colors.  Quirky accent pieces.  Crisp kitchen design.  Conference rooms named after clients.  Bike culture.  Employee wall. You don’t have to spend lots of money for a space where everyone wants to be.  Kudos to the hip office design. Eventbrite – voted as one of the

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Office Fixes for Increased Office Productivity

“NASA’s recently constructed Sustainability Base, a $20.6 million building in Mountain View, Calif., gives us a pretty good idea. The steel-framed, exoskeleton-equipped building has high ceilings to bring in daylight, natural cross-ventilation, a system that automatically adjusts the building temperature based on environmental factors, and intelligent building controls that sense...

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Sustainable Design, Flexibility, Mobility for Office Furniture

“More employees work remotely, at least part of the time. In fact, some companies that have surveyed their workplaces have found that, on any day, a high percentage of workstations go unoccupied… To use both space and their facilities budgets more efficiently, more organizations expect employees to share desks or work stations. After all, costs

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Reduce Water Usage in High-Rise Buildings

“Easiest yet, find or hire a water auditor every two to three years to walk through your building and look for ways to save water use. Water auditors are adept in finding rebates, products that work and ideas offering reasonable paybacks and minimal maintenance. Measures to take will vary on the building use, location &

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Higher data center temperature – possible?

“Things began to change when the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) was able to come to an agreement with the original equipment manufacturers about acceptable temperatures in the data center. According to Don Beaty, president of DLB Associates, ASHRAE technical committee 9.9 (TC 9.9), of which he was a co-founder, published

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