Some “Cool Office” Ideas

Architecture & landscape considerations, interior design, product highlights, quirky rooms, feeling of large spaces, office “perks” like ping pong or pool tables.  Check-out some office design ideas that will make you want to work longer hours. 8 Cool Office Spaces

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Environmental Impact of Ceilings

Ceilings provide acoustical benefits as well as indoor environmental attributes. 1. Researchers found that installing a suspended ceiling saved between 9 and 17 percent of energy costs. The high performance acoustical ceiling with 90% light reflectance “reflects 90 percent of the light from its surface back into the room” which means less light fixtures. 2.

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Focus on the Chillers

“Of all building systems, chillers are the single largest user of electricity in practically all buildings.” Don’t think that “oversizing” your chiller will bring you more efficiency. Most often, chillers operate at a reduced load and most units carry the largest load for only a few hours.  Chillers are efficient “when they operate at or

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Maintenance on fire-rated doors

“They (facility managers) must apply the annual inspection and testing elements to both new and existing installations. They must also ensure that knowledgeable individuals perform the inspections. Certified third parties generally perform these annual inspections, but qualified in-house staff also can perform them. Managers also must be certain the annual inspection is documented...

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Security concerns in a multi-tenant building

Every tenant has their own concerns…own security requirements. You can install a very sophisticated security system in a building but if there’s no communication between the landlord & tenant from the onset of tenancy then all that effort is wasted.  Oftentimes, building procedures when it comes to security is not clearly delineated. “A joint building

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Light Emiting Diodode (LED)

We’re all excited about LED lighting because we know it’s potential for saving energy, it’s long life which equals to reduced maintenance cost, it has no mercury & it’s compact size allows them to be used in small spaces.  Unlike fluorescent lighting, LEDs can be turned on & off instantly & can be dimmed.  LEDs

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Paint & Being “Green”

You think paint doesn’t affect your environment. Paint contains additives that can be carcinogenic or mutagenic.  Some painters prefers paint with higher VOCs because they’re easier to touch-up.  But there are still concerns with some low-VOC paint & their durability. “If a low-VOC paint does not meet its durability target, other factors may be at

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Testing Post-Lighting Control Project

Installing a lighting control system was decided upon either for new construction or a tenant improvement project. Reducing the utility costs & the replacement costs for lamps & making the building more energy efficient is the goal.  The Facility Manager looked at all the options & specified the kind of lighting after a thorough diligence. 

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For the Herman Miller Aeron Afficionados

“that a new Aeron chair, which used to come off the line every 82 seconds, is now boxed and finished every 17 seconds. A decade ago, an Aeron took more than 600 seconds in total to build. Today, it’s about 340.” An Aeron every 17 seconds:

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