Psychology of Providing Food

“Now bottled water is at eye level in the cooler, while soda has been moved to the bottom. That shift in placement increased water intake by 47%, while calories from drinks fell by 7%.” Encouraging Googlers to eat healthier:

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Good Investment in Restroom Upgrades

“Restrooms are often shorted because they are traditionally more expensive to design per square foot than general office space, Lingerfelt says. But using strategies like energy and water efficient fixtures and taking advantage of any available rebates for such fixtures can help with the cost, especially when considering the life of the project rather than

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Office Designed for Telecommuting

No assigned seating.  But the Plantronics employees seem to like it.  And just imagine less cars on the road. “The building is loaded with video chat rooms, quiet “focus” rooms, wall-mounted TV screens for videoconferencing, and enough desk space for just 60% to 70% of employees. There is no assigned seating.” Changing the way people

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Guide to Tax Write-Offs for Independent Consultants

I know.  The tax season is over.  But it’s funny I come across this article after chatting with my new bookkeeper today.  This is a great guide. Guide to Tax Write-Offs:

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HVAC & High Performance Building

“The Carnegie library’s (in East San Jose, CA) heating, cooling and ventilation system uses conventional gas heating. For cooling, it uses a unique system that takes advantage of the cool summer nights in the Bay Area to save cooling energy. The first component of the cooling system involves displacement cooling — a system in which

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Some Low-Cost Ways to Show You Value Your Employees

I get approached a lot for ideas to show appreciation for your valued employee.  I see offers for monthly commuter benefits, free lunch, free massages, no-dress code or telecommuting.  But there are some cool ideas such as canine colleagues if you allow dogs in your office or summer hours or “tech neutrality” or paid time

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Importance of Green Cleaning Products & Service Providers

Some say actual risks to chemical exposures are probably low but certain cleaning product ingredients can present some hazards to those who are commonly exposed to it like skin & eye irritations or it could seep through storm drains or affect the indoor air quality of your office space or are thought to contribute smog

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Your “Cool” Office

Pretty interesting take on determining the ROI of “tenant improvements” per Ben Kunz of Thought Gadgets, “Say it costs you $20,000 to do something really funky in a small organization, about one-fourth the cost of a full-time employee. Assume you have 10 employees, and this cool thing gets each of them to boost performance by

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Thinking of Updating The Elevator

You think updating your elevator is simple?  Think again.  I remember when I did the initial bid request for the upgrade of Burlingame’s City Hall.  Numerous repairs & replacement of parts have been done.  And some parts were no longer available.  And the city has been spending a lot on maintenance calls.  And since this

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