Green Retrofits & Time Value of Money

The key is to show the owners or CFOs to treat the retrofits not as an operational cost but a revenue stream which could generate long-term savings.  “Strategically planning a sustainable project will ensure the project pays for itself through improved conditions, increased employee retention and satisfaction, and fewer complaints — as well as more

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Standing Height Desks?

I work standing up because I read an article how it helps burn more calories.  But this article will further push the popularity of standing height desks among tech companies. Check-out:

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Open Space Environments: Why Not?

Interesting feature on a NY Times article today that highlights the office space features of the new Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in Seattle.  It talks about” 1. “One objective from the start was to give the 1,000 employees a variety of spaces to accommodate different kinds of work. “There’s a recognition that we work

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Working for Start-ups

“Being a part of a small company is somewhat like creating a community or finding new best friends.  You’re making something from nothing, with people who are in it for the same reasons you are.” 10 Facts About Working at a Startup vs. a Big Company I remember when I first joined a start-up, 

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Flat-pack, DIY House?

“The Swedish-themed dwelling is a one-bedroom home centered around space-saving furniture and products. The hip and modern house was outfitted taking into consideration the demands from Pacific-Northwest homeowners, and is designed to be eco-friendly It is equipped with facilities such as a dual-flush toilet and energy-star electronics.” Buying your house from Ikea? Swedish...

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Post LEED Certification – What’s Next?

“As more and more facility managers are achieving LEED-EBOM certification — 705 total projects by mid-August — once the plaque is on the lobby wall (assuming no one takes Pearlman’s advice literally), they’re looking at how to keep the momentum going, how to further savings, and how to keep their staff and the building’s occupants

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