Smaller Individual Workspaces Seen

I see this more often now.  No more corner offices.  More often the executive team sits with the rest of the team in an open space.  The private rooms are used for collaborative/meeting spaces. “With the migration toward a smaller share of personal space, collaborative space is often allocated 40 to 45 percent of total

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Tech Propping SF’s Economy

“For now, though, thanks to the recovery, San Francisco’s economy and office market have been gaining momentum. Office-using employment has been growing about twice as fast as in the nation as a whole. As of November, the region had regained 43.8% of the jobs shed during the recession, well above the U.S. recovery rate of

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Silicon Valley South Still Trying to Recover

Maybe one of the reasons why Equity Office is trying to unload 990,000 sq. ft. “Since the end of 2009, the asking rates for Class A offices have risen nearly 39 percent to $7.70 a square foot in Palo Alto, according to data from CBRE. Meanwhile, asking rates have fallen nearly 11 percent in downtown

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Open Design: Can You Keep the Focus?

“Worries about distraction are becoming less of a problem as new generations of tech-savvy workers are accustomed to multi-tasking and place value in an open environment. If an open, collaborative environment scares some job applicants away, Winchester says he’s OK with that because the design of his new office is an extension of the brand

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Does LEED Mean Sustainable Building Performance?

“LEED certification really means a building was designed with the potential to be a high-performance building.” The real questions to ask are whether a building actually meets the design intent and, if so, whether it’s operated efficiently over the long term.” Check out...

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Red-hot Bay Area Commercial Property – Silicon Valley

“that eye-popping number was eclipsed in July in a Menlo Park transaction involving the Quadrus Office Campus on Sand Hill Road. DivcoWest, a privately owned real estate investment firm with offices in San Francisco, acquired an interest in the 20-acre, 204,400 square-foot office park in a deal that valued the property at $1,008 a square

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