Talk About a Very Energy-Efficient Kitchen

The central hub is a “bio-digester island” which has a cutting surface, a gas range, and a bio-digester. Bacteria in the bio-digester feed on organic waste such as vegetable trimmings to produce a methane gas that powers the range and the lights and heats water. Dehydrated sludge from the digester can be used as compost.

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Some Cool Travel Apps

Very helpful whether it’s for business or personal travel. Since I will be the first to admit that I still do some work even while on personal travel. Some of these apps truly provide efficiency. Check these out:  

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Homes of the Near-Future

Since my interest doesn’t just end with commercial office space, I’d like to share some trends for home designs in the near future: “A more important future trend is the use of resource-efficient features. NAHB members imagine that dual flush toilets, low-flow faucets, low-E windows, powerful insulation, and Energy Star home ratings will all grow

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Strong Bay Area Commercial Real Estate

“Office occupancy gains in the Silicon Valley, San Francisco and San Mateo submarkets were among the top 10 strongest in the country last year, beaten only by New York, Seattle and the Texas powerhouses, Houston and Dallas. Office rents rose 17 percent in San Mateo County and 16 percent in San Francisco, according to Cassidy

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Strong leasing activity in the Bay Area

As reported by The Registry, the Bay Area ended strong with a lower vacancy rate, “In all, the San Francisco downtown office market ended the year with a 12.4 percent vacancy rate, down from a 14.8 percent rate at the end of 2010, Colliers said.” Source:  San Francisco Closes 2011 With Boom-Era Leasing Strength

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